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What size sleeping pad should I get?Updated 3 months ago


The standard 20" wide pads tend to be too narrow for most campers and most prefer at least a 25" wide model to avoid their arms, shoulders, or legs from falling off the sides. This also gives you a little extra room for various sleep positions and doesn't give you the feeling that you may roll off the edge, letting you relax and sleep easy. 

Some sleeping pads do come in a 30" wide version like the Boundary Deluxe. If you really want a lot of room because you alligator death roll in your sleep, this may be more comfortable for you.

Double wide sleeping pads come in 40"+ versions. If you're solo you most likely will not need anything this large, but know they exist.


Sleeping pads standard height starts around 72" with long versions varying from 76-78" depending on the brand. NEMO's long is 76" while Big Agnes' long version is 78". Some brands do offer kids and petite versions as well that are shorter at around 66" depending on brand.

Pick the pad based on your height. If you're under 6 foot but like to sleep stretched out and arms over your head, you may want to splurge for the tall version to avoid any limbs falling off the pad while you sleep.

Sleeping bag compatibility

Some sleeping bags offer the ability to attach to the pad, and quilts usually have straps that go around the pads. Check with the brand and model to verify what sizes are compatible.

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