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How much storage space do I need for camping gear on the motorcycle?Updated 3 months ago

For those who are just getting started in moto camping, we suggest you plan for around 30 liters of storage to carry the core camping gear with room for some extras. That's your tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and pillow.

This all depends on the gear you have and how small it packs. If you have a larger sleeping bag and tent, that may exceed the 30 liter mark. 

Here is an example of the pack size for mid range gear:

NamePacked DimensionsPacked Volume
Kelty Far Out 2 Tent16x7"10 Liters
Big Agnes Insulated Divide 25x72"8x5.5"3.1 Liters
Big Agnes Echo Park 4015x7" (uncompressed)9.5 Liters
General Air Pillow
0.5 Liters

Total Volume
23.1 Liters

Keep in mind you'll need room for clothes, water, snacks, tools, toiletries, etc. this is just a baseline to get started thinking about your pack size and how you plan to pack.

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